The neglected spiritual discipline

So that previous post was a long winded way of saying I’m considering a fast and want to educate others a little more about it.  Linny brought it up on her blog by requesting a fast today for the orphan, specifically some people’s roadblocks to adoption.  I’ve never fasting before, even a little bit.  I read through this guide about it and decided to start preparing.  The confessing sins part was way harder than I expected.  I was horrified when I wrote down everything that’s been on my heart/mind.  But now that it’s all out there, I’m feeling it fade.  That balloon of anger toward God finally got popped.  I get what he said about fasting being a humbling experience.  Who am I really, against almighty God?  And who is God?  I don’t know Him as well as I should.  For the record, I only fasted breakfast and I didn’t even get to praying for the orphan, too busy trying to get myself off the ground.  I’m going to start slow and work my way up to something big.  I get that I need to do this for my spiritual health.  I don’t want Jesus to come back and find me like this.  Time to shape up. 

I’m interested in hearing from others if you have experience with fasting/prayer as well.

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