Still holding out

So the agency I was all excited about?  They put us a looooong wait list for a baby.  And told me to look for other options.  So, look I did, and while I’m considering a different country and agency (still don’t qualify for Haiti, dangit) also seemed to drawn back to our own fertility.  So we’ll see what happens.  Meanwhile I’m super swamped with school and don’t have time to track down stuff for adoption anyway.  Even considering taking the house off the market since I don’t have time to keep it show ready.  All sorts of stuff I could think about but mainly need to focus on schoolwork.  So you may not see me on here for awhile.  So long!

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2 Responses to Still holding out

  1. I may have a name and number you can try for an adoption. Let me ask her if it is ok to give you her number. She works for Protect Our Children in Indy.

  2. Elissa says:

    Just a thought I know quite a few canadians adopt fr the us. I know some families that have adopted fr Florida and Texas. They are infants, when we looked into adopting fr the us an agency told us some shocking stats. I am sure you have investigated everything but just in case if you really want a tiny baby it maybe an option.

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