Morning crankypants

I recently spent the weekend with my family.  We went to Feast of the Hunter’s Moon, which was fun; I bought candles and soap.  Also went to church.  I felt so depressed and uncomfortable the entire time.  I have lots of issues with church that I’m still teasing out with my therapist.  Stems back to having to go alone as a teenager and not being welcomed at all.  So anyway, I finally talked to Heather about being in a funk all day and she says, “it’s because you wake up with a bad attitude.”  As usual, my sister is piercingly accurate 🙂  Man, I hate to get out of bed in the morning.  And I hate thinking of all the things I have to do in one day.  And then I get pissed that I’m running late, and on and on.  This morning’s two-pound weight gain didn’t help either.  My therapist suggested putting encouraging bible verses or a note to self handy in the morning to combat that.  I don’t know what my note to self would look like but at least there’s some encouraging psalms out there.  What do you do to start the day positively?

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One Response to Morning crankypants

  1. Dennae Moore says:

    I find it helpful, although I don’t do it well yet. To make a to do list before going to sleep the next morning. Also, if I have a treat for myself, smelly lotion to put on after my shower if I am quick, a nice cup of hot tea, a CD to put on and listen to when getting ready (this one is my favorite) I find getting out of bed is easier. This time of year is just tuff. The house is cold, the sky is dark, and there is soooo much to do. I also found on Hearts at Home website some window clings with Bible verses. I have them in the bathroom and on a mirror over my kitchen sink. Hope that helps. I’ll pray for you, because I know all to well how it is to be a grump before I even open my eyes or stick my big toe out of the covers.

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